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Vision & Mission

Evaluation Centre provides complete diagnostic, assessment and intervention services for children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders  and related difficulties. 


We provide multidisciplinary interventions  for  autism spectrum conditions so that people with Autism and their families would feel understood and supported without any exceptions in their communities.



  • To provide high quality psychological services for ASD.  

  • We value and strive to create an autism-friendly environment.

  • We provide services that have been developed for people on the autism spectrum.

  • Each client is valued and sessions provide an opportunity to further develop their strengths and abilities.

  • Our support groups and workshops meet family and professional needs.



Every parent wants their child to achieve their highest potential, and our commitment is to respect and embrace people on the autism spectrum and their families, by enhancing their well-being and successes in all environments.


What sets us apart? 


We are the comprehensive resource for children and adults with autism. We do our best to share our professional knowledge and experiences and train parents and teachers, so that we can help all people with autism live happier, and fulfilled lives.

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