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Letter to parents

Dear Parent(s),

My name is Dr Bruhl and I am a clinical psychologist with more than 10 years of clinical experience, in working with children/adolescents diagnosed with Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Specific Learning Disorders and Anxiety. Inspired by the desire to help parents who may feel lost or overwhelmed after receiving the diagnosis of their child, I have recently developed the "Situated Behaviour Intervention Method" (SBI-Method). 


SBI-Method is dedicated to making the parenting of children with anxiety, ADHD and/or ASD a little easier. During our SBI-Method workshops, parents learn and obtain encouragements from each other, and they finally get that feeling of ‘I am not alone!’.


SBI-Method considers the needs of each family member, such that no one is ignored or isolated. The Method aims at helping parents create a harmonious family living environment, enabling each child to achieve his/her highest potential.


My mission is to provide you with concrete and practical strategies that are so efficient and yet so simple that you can adapt them to your unique family circumstances, giving you that feeling of “why didn’t I think of these before!”


With warm regards,

Dr. Bruhl


Is SBI for me?

Dedicated to making parenting of children diagnosed with ADHD, ASD and Anxiety easier.

If any of the below questions apply to your daily life, then the SBI-Method workshop is for you. 


Does your child have organizational problems and/or executive functions difficulties?

Have you read about different methods and strategies hoping they would help you with every day challenges, only to be disappointed?  


Is doing homework or dinner time a daily struggle for your ASD or ADHD child?


Do you struggle to ensure your ADHD or ASD child follows the daily routines in school?


Do you have difficulties managing your child’s emotional meltdowns and tantrums?


Is social interaction and friendship management an obstacle for your child’s development?

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