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Preparing for your visit

To book an assessment appointment,  send an email to

In order to make the best out of your time with us, few tips and pre-reading here will help you prepare for your visits

Procedure for referrals

There are several ways that people could be referred to us for an assessment.

1.  Referral by a medical professional 
2.  Referral from schools (teachers, counsellors)
3.  Self-referral 


Learn what you can do to prepare for your child’s autism assessment

1. Toddler evaluation

  • Review baby books for developmental milestones


2. Diagnostic interview       

  • Review the developmental history of your child

  • If possible, bring to the appointment a brief developmental history of your child from birth until now in writing

  • Bring copies of previous evaluations and your child's individualized education program (IEP), if applicable


3. Testing appointment  

  • Try to ensure your child gets a good night's rest

  • Feed your child a healthy breakfast on the morning of the appointment

  • Give a simple explanation to your child as to why he/she is attending the appointment

  • Bring your child's glasses and hearing aids, if applicable

  • Bring snacks, packed lunch and drinks for your child

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