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ADHD manifests differently in adulthood. It can create barriers to achieving one’s goals in the ideal way and at the ideal time. The abundantly experienced psychologists' team of Dr. Bruhl has synthesized a 6-session program to combat interference of adulthood ADHD with sophisticated daily functioning, based on most recent research.

This program is an opportunity for you get a better understanding of what ADHD actually is, and learn strategies for dealing with your particular challenges (they are different for different people). Participants share their experiences, approaches that do or do not work for them and learn alternative CBT-backed strategies.

Each session has a predetermined theme wherein the participants work on a specific manifestation of adult ADHD. Themes and dates for each session are detailed below.

Practical Information 












  • START DATE: 22nd January 2024


  • FREQUENCY: One session a month

  • TIME: 7pm - 8pm (approximately)


  • DURATION: 60-70 minutes


  • MODALITY: Remote; There is flexibility of participation per session. 6-session participation is, however, highly encouraged for lasting benefit.


  • THERAPISTS: Dr. Bruhl & her colleagues


  • ​COST: €90 per session payable in advance by bank transfer (BE34 3631 6157 7990. Ref: ‘Name and date of session’. Reimbursement receipts for health insurance claim can be requested).


  • ​REGISTER: Please register by sending payment in advance to the account details above and sending a confirmation of your presence by email to A Zoom link will be sent to you.

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