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Adult ADHD

Group Therapy

ADHD manifests differently in adulthood. It, oftentimes, interferes with daily life in both subtle and gross ways. This therapy group can be an opportunity for you to devise a toolkit for dealing with your particular ADHD challenges with the support of two experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy psychologists in the field. Participants shall be encouraged to share their experiences, approaches that do or do not work for them and alternative CBT-backed strategies. 

Practical Information 



5th December 2022 (in-person session)



Day: One session every month

Time: 6pm - 7pm

Duration: 60-70 minutes


August - September 2023

Sessions resume - 30th October 2023


The first session shall be in-person. Thereafter, alternating remote and in-person sessions will be conducted each month. These shall be ongoing therapy sessions taking place periodically by the given schedule. You have the flexibility of participation per session according to your availability. Regular participation is, however, highly encouraged for sustainable benefits. Please find more information here.


Dr. Bruhl & Tanja Niederschick


Participation in the group is priced at €90 per session


Assessment Profile Intervention Centre (APIC)

3 Clos des Cytises, 1410 Waterloo

Parking is only allowed directly opposite the white house number 27 in front of St. Paul church. Free street parking is available in the neighbourhood.

Building Access: API Centre is accessed from the RIGHT side of the white building, then to the back. You are required to follow the staircase to the second floor.

In case you need help to be shown into the office, please call on your arrival (0477846059)


Please register your participation to confirm a place in the group by emailing your details to

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