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SBI-Method for schools


In the classroom, teachers constantly deal with crisis management after disruptive behaviours are already manifested.


Educators recurrently search for advise on strategies to help the children understand consequences of their behaviour. Teachers often wonder whether the children should even be held accountable for their behaviour.


The SBI-Method for schools provides concrete strategies for teachers. These will enable them to manage disruptive behaviours in the classroom.


Teacher and Class

During the SBI-Method training, teachers can expect the following:

  • Concrete steps on how to collaborate with parents and other professionals to help children who cannot model appropriate behaviors from their peers.

  • A clear explanation for the reasons that generally lead children to manifest disruptive behaviours, which will help them understand that the child is not always in control of their impulsive behaviour/reactions.


Most educators would like to know more about :

  • How to gain and keep children's attention;

  • How to encourage them to sit and to focus without being distracted, fidgeting;

  • How to encourage children to stay on task in the classroom while working;

  • How to encourage children to stop shouting out in an impulsive manner.


The SBI-Method for schools gives teachers tools that are simple, effective and easy to implement within the classroom on a daily basis.

The main aim of the SBI-Method for schools is to make teaching practices easy. The problem is that most behaviour management methods can be too cumbersome to put into place. Hence most teachers either start and stop or do not bother at all. 

As a clinician, I understand that teachers have a lot to manage in the classroom. For this reason, my objective was to develop a method that is easy to integrate into the curriculum of the classroom and that, at the same time, is effective in the way it addresses behavioural management. Because when behaviour is under control, teachers obtain the best environment for teaching students effectively.

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