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This group was initiated after our centre witnessed the intensity of emotional dysregulation in adolescents due to either social anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD or general social interaction complexities. Efforts towards building dependable group cohesion during the sessions helps our teenagers ground themselves and find stability. Utmost care is taken to create a social atmosphere of belongingness, where adolescents can feel safe and open themselves up. Thereafter, the following are addressed:

  • Building emotional resilience against social anxiety

  • Supporting each other in a positive way

  • Dealing with social media pressure

  • Distinguishing between readily available untrue information on mental health on social media that can be very convincing and accurate, research-based information

  • Developing self-confidence 

  • Managing suicidal thoughts, depressive episodes, self-harming behaviours and social anxiety with concrete strategies

  • Developing healthy social and friendship skills

There are strict guidelines imposed for confidentiality, deontology and respect for each member of the group. Themes and dates for each session are detailed below.



  • FREQUENCY: Once in every 2 weeks


  • DAY & TIME: Mondays at 6pm - 7pm


  • DURATION: 60 minutes


  • THERAPISTS: Dr. Bruhl & her therapy team

  • COST: €90 per session payable in advance by bank transfer (BE34 3631 6157 7990. Ref: ‘Name and date of session’. Reimbursement receipts for health insurance claim can be requested).


  • REGISTRATION: Please register by sending payment in advance to the account details above and sending confirmation of your presence by email to


  • VENUE: Evaluation Centre, 3 Clos des Cytises, 1410 Waterloo

Parking -:It is better to park on the main road called Avenue des Nations Unies, right before you turn on Clos des Cytises. In case you need help to be shown into the centre, please call on your arrival (0477846059) 

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