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Non-verbal social cues come naturally to many of us in the course of growing up. However, for our fellow-individuals on the autism spectrum, these social nuances need explicit and literal instruction.

The Social Club offers children with ASD a dedicated space, time and activities to spark-off social interests in them and to prepare them to navigate social situations with ease, in the least.

The distinct personality of each child calls for The Social Club to be equally personal as it is social in nature. This implies that members joining the club also receive private coaching sessions in-between as required to maintain their self-esteem and performance as a group member.


Most interventions for children in general are recorded, on an average, to be most effective after 4-5 sessions. This may be attributable to the time taken by a child to feel a sense of belonging and comfort within a novel set up. It may be only after this that the little minds open up to soak it all in!

To get insights into each child’s profile and personality, the first few sessions are dedicated to one-to-one familiarization. This is then followed by an appropriate gradual integration of the child into a group.

Practical Information 


31st January onwards


June - July 

Sessions resume August onwards



Day - Alternate Mondays

Time - 3:30pm - 4:15pm



Participation in the Social Club is priced at €90 per session. The payment shall be accepted in cash, with receipts provided thereafter.

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