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Practical Information 


The intervention program is always preceded by a parental intake meeting. This is a virtual session with the parents to discuss the details of their child’s difficulties, with the programme being customised accordingly. This meeting will take place online with Dr. Bruhl and Ms. Joy.

The cost for the intake meeting is €120, payable in advance by bank transfer (BE34 3631 6157 7990. Ref: ‘Child’s Name and date of appointment). You are requested to send a transaction receipt across after making the payment. This ensures payment tracking and clarity. 

FREQUENCY:  One session a week

DURATION: 45 minutes


MODALITY: On site at the EVALUATION CENTRE, 3 Clos des Cytises, 1410 Waterloo. Parking: It is suggested to park on the Avenue des Nations Unies (the Main Street before you turn onto Clos des Cytises). 


COST: €90 per session payable in advance by bank transfer (BE34 3631 6157 7990. Ref: ‘Name and date of session’). Reimbursement receipts for health insurance claim can be requested.


REGISTER: To register and for more information, please contact

EVALUATION CENTRE offers a short-term modular program to support children with focus and attention challenges. Unique manifestations of such challenges include experiencing daily routines, academic tasks as more complex, significant procrastination, disorganization and low productivity, and eventual emotional consequences of the above.


Using fun and engaging activities along with meaningful discussions, this weekly program will help children to navigate both academic and personal aspects of their lives skillfully.


Our eight comprehensive modules (listed below) address the various deficit areas that present in many students. Each session is further tailored to the unique profile of each child.


These sessions will be run by Ms. Joy de Gabriac, assistant therapist of Dr. Bruhl at the EVALUATION CENTRE. She has an MSc. in Clinical Psychology and has obtained the SBI-Method training. The SBI-Method, developed by Dr. Bruhl, is a behavioural intervention method based on the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach.

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