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Assessment & Profile

At the centre we offer a range of specialist diagnostic and assessment services for children, young people and adults.

Benefits of diagnosis

Diagnosis helps people access different services, as appropriate:

  • Tailored recommendations for schools, home and work

  • Social support groups

  • Advice to teachers and parents

  • Social skills training

  • Disability benefits

  • Focused treatments


ASD Diagnostic interview

The diagnostic interview appointment is a one-hour initial interview with parents. During this parental interview, the clinician will gather detailed information about your child’s development and current symptoms. You may also be asked to complete parent rating scales, and be given forms to be completed by your child’s teacher or other caregivers. It is not mandatory that your child be present for this appointment.

ASD Diagnostic assessment

An ASD diagnostic assessment utilises a combination of clinical interview and observation, previous reports and standardised tests to determine whether or not the person meets DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for an autism spectrum condition, whether other conditions are also present, and whether further complementary assessment is needed.


The Diagnostic Assessment leads to an understanding of the person’s profile of abilities including:

  •  Whether the person is on the autism spectrum

  • Whether the person’s profile meets diagnostic criteria for an autism spectrum condition.

  • The possible presence of other diagnoses, including an attention or anxiety disorder.

  • The child and adolescent assessment includes an assessment of adaptive functioning.

  • The need for further  complementary assessment for a learning or language disorder, poor adaptive functioning skills and intellectual ability.


Details of a diagnostic assessment appointment

Many children are scheduled for a diagnostic assessment appointment after the diagnostic interview. This assessment appointment usually occurs a few weeks after the diagnostic interview and includes an assessment of the following:

  • Cognitive abilities or intellectual level

  • Social interaction and Communication

  • Emotional functioning

  • Adaptive skills


A diagnostic assessment process may involve:

  • Review of previous reports by the psychologist.

  • Completion of standardized questionnaires by parents and caregivers.

  • Assessment, including semi-structured interview and use of standardized and measures.

  • Feedback session to share the results of testing and recommendations.

This assessment appointment lasts for about 5 hours and includes a direct testing with your child with scheduled breaks. A full written report summarizing your child’s profile and treatment recommendations will be provided to you after the evaluation on a separate appointment that will be scheduled for a later date.


Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder assessment

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessments are usually carried out together with a Psycho-Educational assessment and/or with an ASD diagnostic assessment. These assessments are very useful for determining the presence of comorbidity and whether the child presents attention and concentration deficits that may be impacting on their development.

This appointment lasts about 3 hours and a full written report summarizing our findings will be provided to you after the evaluation.

Psycho-Educational Assessment


A Psycho-Educational assessment uses standardised tests to assess a person’s academic or learning ability. Specific intellectual and concentration difficulties that may be underlying the learning problems also explored in detail.

Psycho-Educational assessments are needed to diagnose specific learning disorders. The result is an understanding of the person’s:

  • Intellectual Ability

  • Ability in reading speed, accuracy and comprehension

  • Spelling, grammar and writing abilities

  • Mathematics ability

  • Attention profile

  • Learning potential for schoolwork and academic work

This appointment lasts about 4-5 hours and a full written report summarizing our findings will be provided to you after the evaluation on a separate appointment that will be scheduled for a later date.


Toddler assessment

Are you worried about the development of your young child? Do you have a feeling that something is ‘just not right’? Are the nursery teachers of your child sharing their concerns with you, making you worry about your child’s development? 

At the Evaluation Centre, children of five years and younger are seen for an observational evaluation. This evaluation includes:

  • A parental interview

  • Developmental assessment of the child’s social interaction and play skills

  • Adaptive assessment

  • A feedback session with parents to discuss the observations and recommendations 

This appointment may last about 3 hours and a full written report summarizing our findings will be provided to you after the evaluation on a separate appointment that will be scheduled for a later date.

Review assessments for autism

Review assessments are for an individual previously diagnosed with autism. These assessments are very useful at times of transition (e.g. when commencing primary school or high school or post-school planning) or to assist in applications for examination accommodations during formal examinations (e.g. BAC, IB). They are designed to provide updated information about an individual’s strengths and challenges and include recommendations to assist with support planning.

Includes: Background interview with parents/carers, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (Clinical observation), Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System (measure of functional assessment), report.

All assessments include a written report outlining the following:

  • Results of all assessment instruments

  • Description of current strengths and difficulties

  • Diagnoses and current impact on functioning

  • Tailored recommendations i.e. strengths and support needs across functional areas for ILP planning purposes.


Urgent assessments


We provide urgent psycho-educational assessments (i.e. with report delivered within 1 week)  for learning and developmental disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention deficit, Autism spectrum disorder, IQ-tests) for  schools.

However, note that urgent assessment services are very intensive and time-consuming, so are provided at a premium cost. Please contact us to enquire more about our Urgent Assessment Services.

How do we provide feedback?

A separate appointment  for report feedback is scheduled where we explain findings and conclusions in detail to parents or to the adult. In addition, we discuss any recommendations and follow-up pathways with the person, or their parents or carers. There is plenty of time for discussion around the findings. 


We provide a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations. The draft report is discussed with to parents, carers or the adults to check on specific family details and developmental history. We then give them  the final report.

ASD Diagnostic Interview
ASD Diagnostic Assessment
ADD or ADHD Assessment
Learning Assessment
Toddler Assessment
Review Assesments
Urgent assessments
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