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Worried about your child?

Are your child’s teachers sharing concerns about his/her development?

Do you feel that something is 'just not right' with your child?

Book an appointment at our Centre to understand what is affecting your child’s development in order to obtain all the support you need so that your child will achieve his/her highest potential.

Watch these videos about empowering parents and check our latest news

Improvement in Autism Spectrum Disorders is possible.

The  Assessment and Profile Centre offers tailor-made support for the needs of each individual and his/her family. 

A clear guidance to help your child 

Succeed in  conducting his/her daily living tasks

Manifest adapted behaviour in most situations in which he/she will find him/herself

Develop autonomous coping skills at home

 Acquire independent learning strategies for school


Is doing homework or dinner time a daily struggle for your ASD or ADHD child?

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